Visit us and find out why speakers and competition judges call us “the friendly Staten Island Camera Club". Hint: we’re very friendly… and helpful, and we welcome newcomers. We like to share our knowledge with our friends, new and old, in order to make us all better photographers.

2019 Membership Drive.

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We have Digital (projected) and Print Photo Competitions monthly.

See our Schedule for exact dates.

The following documents

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Assigned Subjects 2019-2020

Sept. 2019: Close-up/Macro

Oct. 2019: Sunrise or Sunset

Nov. 2019: Abstract

Feb. 2020: Shapes and or Forms

Mar. 2020: Study of the Eye, Hand, or Foot

April 2020: Street Photography 

Assigned Subject competitions are in addition to our monthly contests. You have the option to compete in Prints AND OR Digital.

The Assigned Subject can be entered as either a Monochrome or a Color image. 

Note: We can't guarantee that what you see on your computer’s display will be the same as what is displayed during competition. Since no two monitors will display colors the same way, even if both are calibrated, due to the manufacturer’s varying proprietary standards.

Location: The Harbor Room

Snug Harbor Cultural Center - Building G

1000 Richmond Terrace

Staten Island, NY

 Competitions begin at 8:00 PM 

The Harbor Room is on the first floor of building G, which can be accessed from the alley (AKA Shinbone Alley) at the rear of the Parking lot next to building F. Head down Shinbone Alley its the 2nd black door on the right. The Harbor room is at the end of the hall and is on the left, opposite the elevator.